How do I prevent my device from overheating?

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Casey at Driver
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Your device is working hard to provide you with hours of recordings while experiencing harsh conditions, such as exposure to the sun, heat in warm climates, and trying to run other apps with Driver. These conditions may cause your device to overheat, or cause the Driver app to not function as expected. Below are a few helpful ideas to prevent your device from overheating!


Use Driver's tested DriverCooler Mount 

Driver has designed and tested multiple mounts. We offer the DriverCooler Mount with cooling capabilities to ensure your device remains cool all day, and have the Driver app run more efficiently! We also provide a few alternative options as well. They are available for purchase through our Amazon Store.




Limit your device's exposure to the sun 

  • Positioning your mount high on the windshield will shield your device from midday sun, when it is the hottest outside. It also moves it further away from the hot dashboard and possibly closer to airflow from your AC
  • Remove the device from the mount when the vehicle is not running. Your vehicle heats up very quickly when turned off in the hot sun. So will your device!
  • Make sure to take it with you when your vehicle is off.

Move the device into the AC

  • Turning the air to your defroster will allow the dashboard to stay cooler, and your device too.
  • Positioning your device high on the windshield, further inside the vehicle on your dashboard, or on a mount that attaches to your rearview mirror or visor can improve airflow to the device.
  • Mount your device in a place accessible to your AC vents.

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