Why does Driver show a black screen when trying to record?

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Casey at Driver
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Driver may show a black screen while recording for a variety of reasons. Please read below to find out why this may occur for you!



Screen saver is enabled

When your vehicle is in motion, the Driver app displays a screen saver. This screen is black with the Driver logo and timer. When this is displayed, Driver is still recording as normal. When the screen is tapped or the vehicle comes to a stop, the recording screen will reappear. The screen saver can be disabled. Learn how here.



Screen is black, but shows controls

The Driver app shows a black screen while recording, but also displays the app controls. If using dual camera mode, the PiP display may show a white screen. This is an unexpected state, and may be caused from a few reasons:

  • Device is too hot - Excessive heat may cause the Driver app to perform poorly. Learn how to prevent overheating.
  • Driver session is corrupted - Please close and reopen Driver to fix.
  • Device cannot support dual camera mode - iPhone 6s or older, as well as many Android devices cannot support dual camera mode, and may display this issue. See if your Android is compatible here.
  • Device is being overworked - When your device's memory is maxed out, it may cause issues when running Driver, such as using Driver, a navigation app, and streaming music simultaneously. Try running fewer programs at once, or disable Forward Collision Warnings if enabled.


Screen is black when rewatching a previous trip

When you watch a previous trip you recorded, the video may show a black screen, or is black for a portion of the trip. This occurs on iOS when the Driver app is backgrounded to use another app. To avoid this, make sure to keep the Driver app visible on your device's screen. Read more here about how Driver works with Apple's Background Recording Policy.



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