Why is my video screen black when reviewing trips?

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When reviewing previously recorded trips in the Driver app, you may experience a trip where the video screen is black and does not allow you to see your video. This may occur for a few reasons:


Issue with Driver's playback function

We admit, Driver has a bug from time to time! Sometimes Driver will not allow the video file to be played. If you need access to your video before we can fix the bug, please export your video to your device and try viewing it from there. Learn how here.


Driver was recording while another app was on the device's screen

If Driver is recording on iOS, and is interrupted from another app, your recording will continue, but will display a black screen during that time. Recording will continue automatically once Driver is visible on your screen again. Learn more about background recording here.


Still experiencing this issue?

If the solutions above do not solve your issue, please look into other solutions here, or contact us directly for assistance.


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