Can I use navigation while using Driver?

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Yes! The steps are different for iOS and Android. Please read below:


At this time, Apple prohibits any app from recording in the background. Because Driver is a recording app, it needs to be displayed on your screen to have permission to record. This means your navigation app needs to be backgrounded for Driver to work properly. Below are a few different ways to use navigation and Driver simultaneously on iOS.


Use Apple CarPlay

Using Apple CarPlay provides the best experience when using Driver and any other navigation app. With CarPlay, you can view navigation on your vehicle's infotainment screen and Driver can continue running on your device without interruption. Be sure the Driver app is visible on your device's screen when using Apple CarPlay.


Use your navigation app's turn by turn instructions

  1. Open Driver and select "Navigation" on the home screen.
  2. Select the navigation app you wish to use.
  3. Enter the destination into the navigation app and start directions.
  4. Return to the Driver app. Your screen should display the image below.
  5. Use the turn by turn instructions along with audio to use navigation and Driver simultaneously.




For Android OS you can use Navigation and chose to either have Driver operating in the background while recording and navigation in the foreground or vise versa.

  1. Open Driver.
  2. Start a new recording.
  3. Open the navigation app you wish to use.
  4. Enter the destination into the navigation app and start directions.
  5. Driver will record in the background while you view navigation instructions on your device's screen.
  6. When you arrive at your destination, go back to the Driver app and stop recording. Driver will stop recording automatically if the app is backgrounded and the vehicle has not moved for 15 minutes.

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