Device Orientation When Mounting

Casey at Driver
Casey at Driver
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Driver has the ability to record and use all features when the device is oriented in both landscape or portrait.

Important Tip: Make sure your device is oriented correctly before starting a recording. Once a recording starts, the camera orientation is locked. Failing to do so will potentially cause playback issues when reviewing your trips. Need help deciding how to mount? Read below for the pros and cons of each orientation.


  • Provides the best recording view of the road and inside the vehicle (if using dual camera).
  • Ideal for users who prefer to start Driver and not touch their phone.
  • Less obstructive if mounting on the windshield.


  • Recording view not as ideal as landscape, but still very functional.
  • Ideal for users who need to use/mount their phone repetitively, such as gig-workers (remember not to use your phone while driving!).

Need a mount? Check out Driver's recommended mounts here.


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