Can I record inside my vehicle with Driver?

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Yes, Driver allows "dual camera" recording functionality, and allows you to record inside and outside your vehicle simultaneously. This functionality is dependent on your device, and if it is capable of dual camera recording. Please read below to see how to enable dual camera, and if your device is compatible:


All iOS devices iPhone 7 and newer support dual camera functionality. To enable dual camera:

  1. Open Driver.
  2. Go to the profile page.
  3. Open settings at the top right corner.
  4. In the "Recording" section, find "Enable Dual Camera Mode," and toggle it on.


Dual camera is available on Android, however, it is not supported on every available Android device. Even if your device has a front and rear camera, its internal hardware/software may not allow it. While you will see an option in the Driver app to use dual camera on all Android devices, it is important to know your device may not work with dual camera enabled. Using the dual camera option could cause your videos to become corrupted if your device does not support dual camera. We are working very hard to discover more Android devices that are supported! To enable dual camera:

  1. Open Driver.
  2. Select the menu button at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select "Settings."
  4. Under "Recording Options," find "Dual-Camera Mode," and enable by checking the box to the right. (Note: Enabling dual camera mode on Android also enabled audio recording)

List of Android devices that support dual camera recording:

Note: this list may not be 100% accurate depending on the device's region of manufacture, age, usage, and other factors we may not have been able to test. Using dual camera recording with a device not listed below may cause video corruption and app stability issues.

Samsung S4
Samsung S5
Samsung S20 FE
Samsung S20
Samsung S20+ 5G
Samsung S20 Ultra 5G
Samsung S21 FE
Samsung S21
Samsung S21+ 5G
Samsung S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung S22
Samsung S22+ 5G
Samsung S22 Ultra 5G
Samsung A73 5G
Samsung A10s
Samsung A12
Samsung A51
Samsung A52
Samsung A71
Samsung Z Fold3 5G
Samsung S10e
Samsung Note 8
Samsung Note 9
Samsung Note 10+ 5G
Samsung Note 20
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G
Samsung A01
Samsung Tab S6
Samsung Tab S7
Tecno Spark 4
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 6
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Orbic Tab8 5G
OnePlus OnePlus 3
OnePlus Nord N10
OnePlus Nord N20 5G
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
Motorola Nexus 6
Motorola Moto e
Motorola Moto g 5G (2022)
Motorola Moto g power (2021)
Motorola Moto g pure
Motorola Moto g stylus
Motorola Moto g stylus 5G
Motorola Moto g(7) power
HONOR 50 Pro
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
Xiaomi Poco X3 GT
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10C
Sharp Aquos Wish 5G
Oppo Reno7 Z 5G
Oppo Reno7
Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G
Oppo A94
Vivo V23e 4G
Vivo V23e 5G
Vivo X80
Vivo Y76 5G
Vivo X80
Vivo X80 Pro
Realme Realme 9 Pro
Realme Realme 9 Pro +

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