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To get the best view of the road, we recommend mounting your device in the center of your vehicle to provide a symmetrical view of the road. This will give the user the best field of vision when recording, and provides Driver's Forward Collision Warnings (FCW) the best view to provide alerts. It is important to mention FCW is adaptable, and will continue to work as long as the road is visible.

Mounting on your dashboard or windshield provide the best surface and view to mount your device. Where you decide to mount may differ based on your preference, your vehicle, or the laws where you drive. To avoid your device from overheating, Users in hot climates may have a better experience in a mounting location that is in a shaded area, in a part of the vehicle with AC, or by using our Driver tested and manufactured DriverCoolerâ„¢ to battle overheating. The Cooling Mount can be found at our Amazon store here.

Every Country, State and even some municipalities have differences in road and driving laws about where you can mount your device. It is always advised to check the laws in your area before mounting.


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