Why does my trip lag/skip in the Driver Cloud?

Casey at Driver
Casey at Driver
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When uploading trips to the Driver Cloud, the Driver app is working on two tasks:

  1. Quickly uploading a video at only 2 frames per second along all trip data (location, speed, accelerometer, etc) to ensure a backup of your trip is saved and protected.
  2. Uploading HD video for exterior footage only (currently only for iOS).

You may notice your trip is only playing at 2 frames per second on the Driver Cloud, which would feel like the video is lagging. Reasons for this would be:

  • Your HD video is still uploading to the Driver Cloud.
  • You have your viewer toggled to "SD," and not "HD," as shown below.
  • You recorded on an Android device (HD video will be available soon!)



Learn more about Driver's recording resolution and future plans here.

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