Why do my trips not show in my Driver Cloud?

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For users subscribed to Driver Premium, their trips are backed up to their Driver Cloud. Sometimes, trips recorded on a device do not display on the Driver Cloud. This may happen for a variety of reasons:


Your trips are not syncing to the Driver Cloud

This can happen for a variety of reasons, so it is important to follow a few tips to ensure your trips are syncing successfully!

  • Syncing Driver at night is the easiest way to ensure your trips are backed up. If your device is connected to wifi, charging, and has the Driver app open (or minimized), your device will pick a time to upload your trips to the Driver Cloud! By morning, most of your trips should be synced.
  • Keeping the Driver app open when not in use allows the app to continue syncing in the background for a period of time. When you are done recording, minimized the app rather than closing it completely will allow your trips to continue syncing.
  • Limiting the length of your recordings is not required, but will allow the app to upload the trips throughout the day in sections. Uploading a 10 hour trip takes 5x as long as a 2 hour trip!

Manually deleting trips from the Driver app's trip gallery

In the Driver app, trips that are manually deleted in the trip gallery will also be deleted in the Driver Cloud. This is done out of privacy. If you need to delete trips from your device, we recommend using the auto-delete feature in settings.


The Driver app may not be logged into your Driver Premium account

Only trips recorded on a Driver Premium account will be uploaded to your Driver Cloud. make sure the Driver app is logged into your Driver account that has Premium access. The Driver app does not require a login to record, and can continue recording without an account. Read below to check if you are logged in, or how to log in:


You can check if you are logged in correctly by going to the profile page in the Driver app and seeing your email displayed. 


You can check if you are logged in correctly by going to the trip gallery page in the Driver app and selecting "Go to my Driver Cloud." If you are shown an option to pay

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