Can I share trips from the Driver Cloud?

Casey at Driver
Casey at Driver
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Yes! You can share trips saved in your Driver Cloud via a sharable link! This provides the fastest way to share your trips without worrying about large video files and size restrictions when sharing via text/email.

To share a Driver Cloud trip:

  1. Open the Driver Cloud via the trip gallery, or login from a browser at
  2. Find and open the trip you wish to share.
  3. Select "Controls" to open saving/sharing options.
  4. Select "Share Trip."
  5. If the trip includes interior footage, select "I Understand" and acknowledge that anyone with the link will be able to view it once shared.
  6. Optional: add a note to reference the trip for your records
  7. Select "Save."
  8. A blue banner will display at the top of the screen that reads "Click here to copy shared link, or access later from the library. Select the banner to copy.
  9. Paste the link anywhere you wish to share it!

Example of a shared trip link:


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