Can Driver record while using other apps?

Casey at Driver
Casey at Driver
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Yes and no. For Android, Driver can record in the background once you manually start a recording. Other apps can be used during this time without interrupting Driver from recording. For privacy, Driver on Android will stop recording if the app is backgrounded and the vehicle has not moved for more than 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, iOS restricts the use of background recording. This means Driver will need to be in the foreground (visible on your device's screen) when the app is recording. We highly encourage connecting your device to your vehicle's bluetooth or Apple CarPlay if equipped so you can use other apps through your vehicles controls to allow Driver to display on your device's screen.

If Driver is recording on iOS, and is interrupted from another app, your recording will continue, but will display a black screen or frozen frame during that time. Recording will continue automatically once Driver is visible on your screen again.

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