How much storage space do my videos take up on my device?

Casey at Driver
Casey at Driver
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Typically (this will vary slightly) a one hour recording will use about 1GB of your device's storage. If using dual camera recording (interior and exterior recording), a one hour recording will use about 2 GB of your device's storage.

To help manage your device's storage while using Driver, please ensure your auto-delete settings are enabled, and set correctly to your driving routine.

On Android, an SD card can be used to increase your device's available storage if needed. On iOS, trips recorded with Driver cannot be saved to your iCloud. We encourage users to get Driver Premium, which provides access to the Driver Cloud that has been designed as a Driver control center to manage, view, and share your trips. Our Driver Cloud allows users a 90 day history of their trips, even when deleted from their device's local storage.

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