Does Driver record in HD?

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Casey at Driver
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Currently, it depends on your device. For iOS, Driver currently records in 720p at 30 fps. For Android, Driver currently records in 480p at 30 fps. The Driver team is working on improving the maximum recording resolution along with allowing the resolution and frame rate to be customizable within settings to best suit each driver's needs and allow for the fastest upload speeds to the Driver Cloud.


Does the Driver Cloud store videos in HD?

When uploading trips to the Driver Cloud, the Driver app is working on two tasks:

  1. Quickly uploading a video at only 2 frames per second along all trip data (location, speed, accelerometer, etc) to ensure a backup of your trip is saved and protected.
  2. Uploading HD video for exterior footage only (currently only for iOS).

You may notice your trip is only playing at 2 frames per second on the Driver Cloud. Reasons for this would be:

  • Your HD video is still uploading to the Driver Cloud.
  • You have your viewer toggled to "SD," and not "HD," as shown below.
  • You recorded on an Android device (HD video will be available soon!)



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