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Driver is dedicated to building the world’s smartest dash cam app. So for the times we’re in a rush and forget to record our trips with Driver, fear not; Driver will now automatically create a journey with all the relevant data for you every time you drive to ensure you’re always protected even without recording.


I want it!

Select “Always” allow location access (by opening the Settings App -> Driver -> Location) to enable this mode.


Drive reconstruction using GPS & Motion data 📍

Dash cams illustrate the objective truth and will help protect you against fraud. 

Telematics achieves the same outcome. With GPS, you have proof of traveling at the appropriate speed. When combined with motion data, you can reconstruct the entire scene from an accident without video recording.


🤯Let that sink in.


My data, my choice 🔐

In the event of an incident, many insurance carriers utilize telematics data via OBD-II dongles to assess the claim. Instead of handing over unfettered access to insurers, we built this tool to give you back control over your data while allowing you to capture all the necessary information to share your story.


Tell me more 🧐

Having consulted with car insurance and legal professionals, GPS is often considered the most critical capability to look for in a dash cam. Being always covered has never been more true. Driver will have your back whether you’re in your friend’s car without a dash cam or while in a cab.

With telematics data, you can ensure you're not wrongly accused. In one case, a driver backing out of a parking spot collided with another vehicle with four occupants. A claim was made against the driver, in which all four occupants complained of neck injuries caused by whiplash. Through data, the driver could tell the story that the car was moving at less than one mile per hour when the collision occurred, and the impact was registered at 0.6g, the same force as shutting a car door. There was no way those four occupants could have had those injuries.

Just so you know, GPS data can sometimes be scrutinized in court, so make sure your legal counsel is well-versed in using GPS data. This recommendation applies to drives with video as well.




How does it work?

See below for details on the Cloud & App experience. As always, stay tuned for new updates, as we will release updates with improved UI/UX in the coming months. While access to the Cloud interface & dashboard is a Premium-only feature, Driver's Free tier users may still view passive drives by sharing a trip from the App's Trips Gallery. The link can be easily shared or viewed from any web browser.



Driver Cloud is home to all your data desires. You can identify a video-less drive by its signature missing video. But apart from that, everything else is the same!




Know your speed at every point in your journey with G-Forces within a singular interface



Fast-forward to events on your journey by clicking on the icons.



Share your journey with a single link - you can choose to revoke access to the link at any time.




You won’t be able to tell the difference on the Trip Gallery just yet, but when you click into a trip, just like what’s on the Cloud, the trip will be missing video.


Share a Driver Cloud Pocket Drive directly from within the App. As part of this launch, users on Driver's free tier will also be able to share Driver Cloud drives. By sharing via Driver Cloud, you will get a URL link easily viewable on any browser.



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